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Elke M trawler fishing vessel boat of Mayibuye Fishing docked in Capetown Harbour


The Elke M is a 29.7m stern trawler with a gross metric tonnage of 376.2 tons, with fresh fish hold capacity of 45 tons .

She operates with a crew of 24 in the Eastern Cape , Port Elizabeth and  trawls specifically for Hake

Incidental bycatch is Kingklip, Horse Mackerel, Pangas, Gurnards , Silvers, St Joseph, Squid & Octopus.

Umzabalazo trawler


The Umzabalazo is a 75m factory freezer trawler with a gross tonage 1745 tons.

She operates from Cape Town harbour with a crew of 59 and trawls specifically for Hake.

Incidental bycatch is Kingklip, Horse Mackerel, Ribbon fish, Mackerel, Angel fish.

Fish is frozen on board and sold locally and exported to Spain, Australia & China.

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